8. Mai 2016

Hi everyone,

The line-up for Devoxx UK is out and we hope you’ll agree that it looks pretty amazing. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without such amazing JUG support, so as a Thank you we’ve got a free ticket up for grabs for the Berlin-Brandenburg JUG.

Devoxx UK takes place June 8-10th at the Business Design Centre, London, for 3 days of conference sessions, Hands-on-Labs, hacks, quick-fire sessions, hackergarten and parties. We’ve got a fair few Java Champions and experts joining us, such as Ted Neward, Trisha Gee, Hadi Hariri, Simon Brown, Martin Thompson, Antonio Goncalves, James Weaver, Josh Long, Liz Keogh, Matt Raible and many more.

They’ll be a heap of cool new tech for you to try out - from workshops with humanoid robots to the low down on cool new frameworks for microservices. We’ve also got tips on a heap of other useful things - from Java Collections to performance testing^ to how to defend against cybercrime.

To use this special discount for Berlin-Brandenburg JUG members, enter IJUGBL167 to get 10% off all Devoxx UK ticket types.