23. März 2018

Am Dienstag, den 10. April 2018, lädt die Java Usergroup Berlin-Brandenburg zusammen mit der Akelius GmbH zum Vortrag OpenJDK at Alibaba mit Sanhong Li und Kingsum Chow von Alibaba Inc. ein. This talk wil be held in English.

Der Vortrag

OpenJDK at Alibaba (Kingsum Chow, Sanhong Li): On Nov 11, 2017, Alibaba smashed its own online transaction record once again, the peak number of transactions per second reached to 325,000, 85% above last year’s 175,000.

Most of all the application in Alibaba are written in Java, with more than billion lines of Java code. We already built and deployed customized OpenJDK with our specific changes for large-scale eCommerce web applications, which are running on more than 100,000 servers. In this talk, we will discuss how we tailor the OpenJDK for our needs and, we will go into the details of the improvements we made based on OpenJDK.

Die Redner

Kingsum Chow is the systems software hardware co-optimization chief scientist at Alibaba. He has over 15 years of optimizing Java performance in collaboration with Appeal, IBM, BEA, Sun and Oracle JVM teams while working at Intel. In 2016, he joined Alibaba to improve Java performance through software hardware co-optimization. Kingsum has been issued more than 20 patents. He also has delivered more than 90 papers and presentations. Kingsum appeared three times in JavaOne keynotes and almost a dozen times in JavaOne and Oracle OpenWorld presentations covering the topic of software performance systems and optimization. Kingsum received a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle in 1996.

Sanhong Li is JVM lead at Alibaba. He has been working on Java since 2004, where he began at Intel Asia-Pacific R&D Lab implementing JSR135. He joined IBM in 2008 to improve runtime security on OSGi platform. He progressed to working on the development of IBM’s Java Virtual Machine in 2010, where he led a project to develop multi-tenancy technology for the JVM. In 2014, he joined in Alibaba to lead the development for Alibaba JDK, a customized OpenJDK version. Sanhong Li has presented at local and international conferences such as JVM language summit, JavaOne and QCon. He co-leads Shanghai Java User Group and co-chairs APMCon. He has authored over 10 technical papers and a number of technical patents.


Akelius GmbH, Erkelenzdamm 11-13,10999 Berlin, Germany

Der Ablauf

  • 18:30 Uhr Einlaß

  • 19:00 Uhr Beginn des Vortrags

Anschließend gibt es die Möglichkeit für Networking und Plausch.

Die Anmeldung

Über eine Voranmeldung zu der Veranstaltung über die Meetup-Gruppe der JUG Berlin-Brandenburg würden wir uns freuen, jedoch ist die Anmeldung nicht zwingend erforderlich. Wir freuen uns auf jeden Teilnehmer.