4. Dezember 2015

Am 15. Dezember 2015 lädt die Java Usergroup Berlin-Brandenburg und die Storecast GmbH zum Vortrag Fighting the Big Guys - the history of an architecture mit Gregor Zeitlinger und Ronnie von der Storecast GmbH ein.

Der Vortrag

Fighting the Big Guys - the history of an architecture (Gregor Zeitlinger, Ronnie): How trying to do a better product than Amazon, Google, and Apple is surprisingly hard. The hosts tell the story of a group of daring people who created a platform for ereading in 2007. Their original code base morphed from a desktop ebook management tool into txtr.com, a fully grown e-commerce platform selling books on phones, tablets, ereaders and the web, in many languages, all over Europe. Unfortunately, Amazon had also noticed that this was a good idea. Then Google noticed. Then Apple.

Keeping the code base afloat under the kind of pressure that resulted was hard, but proved just about possible. When, in the end, the company had to give up, the platform stood strong: Storecast bought the code base to keep the platform running for JUKE! (a property of Media-Saturn), and convinced some of the developers to stay on.

Die Redner

Gregor Zeitlinger is a passionate Java developer for 10 years who joined Ronnie’s txtr as one of the first developers in ereading. After the end of txtr, Gregor joined Storecast to continue to grow t he txtr platform for JUKE! as Head of Development of Storecast. Apart from work, Gregor is a familiy guy and likes to play Cello.

Ronnie is one of the co-founders of txtr, which pioneered multi-device ereading ecosystems — before the kindle existed and long before it was introduced in Germany. He is now leading an artificial intelligence company in Berlin.


Storecast GmbH, Wallstr. 15a, 10179 Berlin

Der Ablauf

  • 18:30 Uhr Einlaß

  • 19:00 Uhr Beginn des Vortrags

Anschließend gibt es die Möglichkeit für Networking und Plausch.

Die Anmeldung

Über eine Voranmeldung zu der Veranstaltung über die Meetup-Gruppe der JUG Berlin-Brandenburg würden wir uns freuen, jedoch ist die Anmeldung nicht zwingend erforderlich. Wir freuen uns auf jeden Teilnehmer.