7. August 2013

Am 20. August 2013 lädt die Java Usergroup Berlin-Brandenburg und die Groupon GmbH zum Vortrag Graph Databases with Neo4j & Cypher mit Stefan Plantikow ein.

Der Vortrag

Graph Databases with Neo4j & Cypher (Stefan Plantikow): Graph databases are everywhere. From social netwoks, to access control and content management systems, graph databases are a new class of general purpose databases from the NoSQL world for storing and processing large data sets of heavily interconnected data. This talk will give an overview on graph databases and Neo4j with a focus on how to use them in a Java environment. We will look at how graph databases are well suited for modelling rapidly changing problem domains, how to query Neo4j using the declarative graph query language Cypher, and at large scale graph database use cases. To conclude, we will take a look at new features in the upcoming version Neo4j 2.0.

Der Redner

Stefan Plantikow is a computer scientist with a background in distributed and concurrent systems and transaction processing. He is passionate about computer language design and how languages influence software development. Based in Germany as an independent consultant, he’s currently working on the next version of Neo4j. He also presents graph technology at NoSQL and other events. Stefan enjoys traveling, skiing, and tai chi.

Der Treffpunkt

Groupon GmbH, Oberwallstraße 6, 10117 Berlin

Der Ablauf

  • 18:30 Uhr Einlaß

  • 19:00 Uhr Beginn des Vortrags

Anschließend gibt es die Möglichkeit zu Networking und Plausch.

Die Anmeldung

Über eine Voranmeldung zur Veranstaltung über das XING-Event der XING-Gruppe der JUG Berlin-Brandenburg würden wir uns freuen, jedoch ist die Anmeldung nicht zwingend erforderlich. Wir freuen uns auf jeden Teilnehmer.